Cotton Fabric Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Kanti Fashion Fabs (I) Pvt. Ltd. is amongst the pioneer in manufacturing Dyed Cotton Fabrics and Printed Cotton Fabrics in Ahmedabad, India. Being an integrated textile unit with infrastructure from

1. Spinning
2. Weaving
3. Dyeing
4. Printing and
5. Finishing

We have the entire Infrastructure to Manufactures Cotton Fabric and assure our customers with the best of

  • Quality Fabrics
  • On/Before Time Delivery and
  • Factory price/Lowest Price for any Woven Dyed and Printed Fabric

We can manufacture almost all cotton fabric

We manufacture the following range of Dyed Cotton fabrics in 36”, 44”, 48”, 54” and 58” width:-

  • Dyed Cotton Cambric Fabric
  • Dyed Cotton Voile Fabric
  • Dyed Cotton Poplin Fabric
  • Dyed Cotton Lycra Fabric
  • Dyed Cotton Satin Fabric
  • Dyed Cotton Oxford Fabric
  • Dyed Cotton Jacquard Fabric
  • Dyed Cotton Slub Fabric
  • Dyed Cotton Dobby Fabric
  • Dyed Cotton Matty Fabric
  • Wide range of qualities in Dyed Cotton Shirting Fabric
  • Wide range of qualities in Dyed Kurti Fabrics, Dyed Nighty Fabrics, Dyed Salwar Fabrics
  • Wide range of qualities in Export Fabrics

We use Hi-Tech machines for Dyeing & Printing

These Jigger Dyeing Machines have

  • Auto Rotation
  • Liquor Circulation
  • Semi Automation leaving no space for errors.

We manufacture a wide range of Printed Cotton Fabrics

These fabrics are printed on latest Rotary and Flat Bed Printing Machine

  • Stormac Rotary Printing machine (RD 8 Gold or RD 4) (Printing up to 12 Colours)
  • Laxmi Rotary Printing Machine (Printing up to 8 Colors)
  • Double Servo Flat Bed Printing Machine (Printing up to 12 Colours)

We use Hi-Tech machines for absolute Clear and Sharp design results. New Designs are created 365 days a year. We have wide collection of Creative designs

  • Floral Designs
  • Geometrical Designs
  • Digital Designs
  • Conceptual Designs

These designs are made by In-house professional designers on Photoshop and Coral Draw. Further, the In-house sampling team gets the sample prints on the sampling machine for colours and design approval prior bulk production.

The following fabrics are manufactured currently:-

  • Printed Cotton Cambric Fabric
  • Printed Cotton Voile Fabric
  • Printed Cotton Poplin Fabric
  • Printed Cotton Lycra Fabric
  • Printed Cotton Oxford Fabric
  • Printed Cotton Satin Fabric
  • Printed Cotton Jacquard Fabric
  • Dyed Cotton Slub Fabric
  • Dyed Cotton Dobby Fabric
  • Dyed Cotton Matty Fabric
  • Printed wide range of Cotton Shirting Fabrics
  • Printed wide range of Cotton Kurti Fabric, Nighty fabrics, Salwar Fabrics
  • Printed in wide range of Export Fabrics

We are amongst the most preferred process house for

  • Procian Print
  • Discharge Print
  • Pigment Print
  • Permanent Khadi Print
  • Gold Print
  • Foil prints
  • Ink Print
  • Khadi Print and many more mediums of printing in Ahmedabad.

Kanti Fashion Fabs (I) Pvt. Ltd. undertake customised orders for domestic and export fabrics provided the MOQ is more than 4000 meters per design for printed fabrics and more than 1500 meters per colour matching in dyed fabrics. We assure lowest of value loss on Dyed and Printed fabrics for our customers getting fabrics dyed and printed on Job Work basis. We provide bright colour matching, soft hand feel and 100% washing fastness for our fabrics.

These fabrics are used in manufacturing garments like Kurties, Salwar Suits, Skirts, Gowns, One Piece Dresses, Jumpers, Ladies tops and many new garments.

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