The company is equipped with the entire assembly line from De-sizing to Finishing. The company has latest technology in Dyeing Machines and Printing machines

Fully Automatic Jiggar Dyeing machine with liquor circulation 40 Sets
Semi-Automated Jet Dyeing machines 6 Sets
Stormac Rotary Printing 1 Set
Laxmi Rotary Printing 1 Set
Fully Automatic Double Servo Falt Bed Printing 7 Sets
Fully Automatic Open Width Soaping Range 2 Sets
High Speed Stenter Machine 3 Sets
Continuous Azer 4 Sets
Rotary Nickel Screen Exposing unit 1 Set
Flat Bed Screen Exposing unit 1 Set

The other utilities include CVL Boiler, Thermic Fluid Boiler, Mercerise Ranges, Loop Machines, Batching, Drying Ranges and other utility machines.